We at INAM Industries are the manufacturers of high quality hair dresser’s scissors, manicure and pedicure items. We are highly committed to meet our customers requirements. We keep our clients informed of the latest achievements and progressive developments and to further strengthen their confidence in us.

We import stainless steel especially from Japan to use in manufacturing of highly standardized products. At the moment we are using Japanese Stainless steel 420 J2 and 420J2, 440C & Cobalt ATS 314.

All our equipment is sold with warranty. If our customer has any complaint we can sort it out in the desired manner. We have participated in various exhibitions and competitions and have received a warm and encouraging response each time. We have managed to introduce our products to both the grooming industry and the wholesale dealers. At the moment we are catering the market of Australia, England and USA.

If your prestigious company is interested in our product, we can send you the samples free of cost along with our price list.